Friday, December 26, 2008

Thank you Angels: A Christmas update on the Little Family

I just visited with Jorge DelTorre a short while ago and he gave me a quick update on the status of the Little Family.

On Christmas day, the Little family received an ENTIRE TRAILER full of gifts and needed supplies from generous people all across the country. The account set up to received monetary donations now has a $9,800.00 balance. Employees of Sedgwick County donated an additional $5,000.00 to the family. And they also received nearly a thousand dollars worth of gas and fuel cards. They have received hundreds of phone calls and prayers from across the country, and items are still being received.

"This" is what Christmas is all about. Heartfelt thank to all of our readers who called, sent items, or simply passed on the story to someone else. Collectively, you have brought real joy to a family in distress. May God bless each of you in all of your endeavours...

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