Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Round 2: Ward Connerly gears up for another anti-affirmative action effort in Missouri

It was just last month that the millionaire lobbyist Ward Connerly planned his anti-Affirmative Action "Super Tuesday". He'd hoped that through his privately funded ballot initiatives, he would persuade residents of the states of Arizona, Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado, and Oklahoma to amend their State constitutions permanently banning affirmative action programs and any other current or future program designed to remediate the effects of racial or gender discrimination. His efforts on that super Tuesday were largely unsuccessful. He failed to collect enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot in Arizona, Oklahoma, or Missouri, and the ballot initiative was defeated in Colorado.

Now it seems Ward Connerly and his faux 'Civil Right$' troupe are gearing up for a second try in the State of Missouri. Connerly blamed the failure in Missouri this year in part on getting a late start in gathering signatures. So now, in his second attempt, he is starting early... On December 11th, Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan approved a new petition for a ballot initiative which they hope to put before Missouri voters in 2010.

Tim Asher, executive director of the Missouri Civil Rights Initiative, is once again heading up the effort.

Anita Russell, Mary Ratliff, Clyde, Rev. Ford, Brother Crumpton, Ken Hughlon... It's time to get busy! And now, our moment of Zen...

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