Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Regarding Yesterday": Julian bond decides to stay on as NAACP Chair

Citing an "outpouring of support" from Board members and from some of the general membership, Julian Bond has decided to retain his post as NAACP Chairman. It was only three weeks ago when Julian Bond announced that he would not seek another term as chair, stating that "this is a time for renewal", and that he was "ready to let a new generation of leaders lead". But now, not so much...

I love this organization and have prided myself on being one of our most fierce defenders. Anyone who knows me, whether in person or online, certainly knows that I stand at the ready to speak up for our association and its volunteers whenever we are attacked. That is no different now than before. However, I must admit my personal disappointment that when presented with a clear opportunity to make change, we have once again chosen yesterday over tomorrow. We talk a good game about wanting to see younger members become more involved in the organization. But THIS is why we struggle... This is a perfect example of why such a clear and simple goal remains so damned elusive.

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