Wednesday, July 2, 2008

17 Year Old Iesha Donably killed in a senseless act of violence

This was supposed to be a good day... I'm heading out of town for the July 4th weekend, just a day away from a major milestone in my life, and then I hear about the senseless murder of a young girl in town for a short visit. Now, I spent my formative years growing up in Cleveland Ohio, so I'm no stranger to the enormity of violence, but this case really hit me in the gut.

[Link to the Story in the Wichita Eagle]

A 17 year old girl, Iesha Donaby, visiting from Arkansas, was shot several times and killed by a teen for the "crime" of blowing her horn at their car which was stopped in the road.

I have been a community activist for practically all of my adult life. But this kind of thing makes me wonder what it's all for... How have we reached a point where some of our young men think so little of themselves and our community that they would attack and kill without reason? How have we reached a point where too many of our youth prey upon each other?

Of all of the battles I've fought, and all of the issues I've confronted... there simply is no greater crisis facing our community than the breakdown of the ties that used to bind us...

I'm going to post more on this when I get off of this Greyhound in Denver, but for now, I just had to say something... This makes my heart hurt... The Donaby family will be in my prayers for many days to come.

[Link to related story: What's Wrong with Black People?"]

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