Monday, June 30, 2008

Senators Obama & McCain to address the NAACP Convention in Cincinnati

One of the most important missions of the NAACP is to ensure that every voter has access to the information necessary to make educated decisions. That's why I'm so pleased to tell you that both Barack Obama and John McCain will be joining us for the Presidential Forum at this year's 99th Annual NAACP Convention in Cincinnati.

Both Senators will address the Convention directly, giving us all the opportunity to hear first hand how each would handle issues critical to our community as President. Unfortunately, the format agreed to by the campaigns doesn't allow for questions after the speech, but that won't stop us from letting the campaigns know what's on our minds.

You can tell Obama and McCain what's on your mind by answering the NAACP Critical Issues poll. The results of the poll will be highlighted on our website at, and we'll be sure that the campaigns get the results too.

Senator Obama will speak on July 15th, and Senator McCain on July 16th, and both speeches will be available on our website following the day's events. But, in the meantime you can brush up on where both candidates stand by clicking here.

In preparation for the Forum we've posted the 2007 Congressional Scorecard showing how both McCain and Obama voted on issues important to the NAACP and our constituents. You can even view the Compiled Congressional Scorecard to see how these two candidates have voted on NAACP issues over their careers.

And, of course, each cycle the NAACP distributes its Presidential Questionnaire to all the campaigns. Click here to view Obama's answers to the 2008 Questionnaire.

The McCain campaign has refused to answer the 2008 Questionnaire. But fortunately, we do still have McCain's 2000 Questionnaire on file. Of course there's still time for the campaign to have a change of heart, and if they do we'll post the answers right away.

And don't forget to answer the Critical Issues Poll. With your help we'll make sure every voter is an informed voter.

Julian Bond

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