Monday, February 25, 2008

URGENT: Immediate Community Action needed to move the Minimum Wage Bill (SB466) out of Committee

Literally within minutes of posting the information concerning Senate Bill 466 on the Kansas Minimum Wage, we received rumblings from the Capitol Building that opponents of the bill may try and keep it in committee without sending it forward. Holding the bill in that manner is a procedural method of defeating it without a negative vote.

Bills that begin in either Legislative House or the other must be considered and passed by their House of Origin (in this case the Senate) and sent to the other House for consideration no later than Saturday March 1st (also known as the "Turnaround date"). Bills not passed by their House of Origin by that date are essentially defeated for this session and would have to be rewritten and re-introduced the following year. Holding the bill in Committee past the turnaround date would effectively kill it for this session without forcing Legislators to go on record by voting it up or down.

If this bill is going to survive the session, we need an immediate showing of community support! We are asking that all of you who support this cause and this blog to contact the Chair of the Senate Commerce Committee right away and respectfully ask that Senate Bill 466 be passed out of committee THIS WEEK!

The Chair of the Kansas Senate Commerce Committee:

Senator Karin Brownlee (R) D-23
Room Number 121 East
State Capitol -136-N Topeka, KS 66612-1504
HOTLINE: 1-800-432-3924
FAX: (785)-368-7119

Senator Brownlee represents the City of Gardner, City of Olathe, City of Overland Park, City of Spring Hill, Johnson County: Gardner, Spring Hill, and parts of Olathe and Oxford Townships, Miami County: Marysville and Richland Townships
NAACP'ers, Raise the Wage Coalition members, Brother Scroggins and Bias Busters, and all other concerned Community Activists, we could really use your help on this one... A hundred well timed phone calls could be the only thing standing between us and a new minimum wage!

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