Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Join us at the NAACP Leadership 500 Summit!!

Leadership By Design: Ensuring Our Legacy
May 22nd - 25th : Scottsdale, Arizona

As our nation embraces the inevitability and necessity of change, we know that we too must change. The NAACP, nearly 100 years old, is turning its face to the future. The changes in our society are undeniable and the time has come that we must begin to re-examine our standing, our strategies, and our positions, and we must also redefine our role. One thing is certain, if we are to continue serving as an effective voice for social justice and fundamental fairness, we must make room at the table for new faces, new voices, new perspectives, and new ideas. The Leadership 500 Summit is an effort to do exactly that...

The Leadership 500 Summit is the brainchild of recently re-elected NAACP Vice-Chair Roslyn Brock. (pictured above, 2nd from the right)

The four-day gathering is designed to attract "the next generation of leaders," -– people who will help shape the future direction of social justice advocacy efforts in America. This summit provides a unique opportunity to identify and connect with new professional, political, civic, and community leaders who are working or interested in the areas of health, education, civic engagement, and/or economic development.

The NAACP is taking responsibility for developing this new generation of leaders. The NAACP Leadership 500 Summit provides an opportunity to expose and connect this new generation to leaders from diverse backgrounds and capacities. Participants can learn from the leaders' successes and failures, their inspiration and their perseverance to craft strategies for their own leadership destiny.

For Registration, Hotel, or Contact information please click here to visit the NAACP Leadership 500 page

Leaders are not born, they're developed. Either because of opportunity or necessity, someone takes charge and leads the way. Effective leadership is a destination achieved through careful thought, consideration and action.

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Enoch Mubarak February 27, 2008 at 4:35 PM  

Most of the young black professionals throughout the many Internet forums have very impressive profiles. For example: I am a MD, I am a graduate of, I am an alumnus of, I am a lawyer with, I am head of this, I represent that, and yet the Wichita Branch of the N.A.A.C.P. has the nerve and the audacity of no shame to hold a leadership summit.

The Wichita Branch of the N.A.A.C.P. has the wear-for-all to boldly and brazenly perpetrate the weak premise that:

Leaders are not born, they're developed. Either because of opportunity or necessity, someone takes charge and leads the way. Effective leadership is a destination achieved through careful thought, consideration and action. "Leadership By Design: Ensuring Our Legacy" "an army of sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a sheep..." NAACP Wichita Branch

They promote the above premise as they prepare for a summit for the sole and expressed purposes of looking for Ideas, leadership and a means to ensure our legacy of chattle slavery and injustice.

In real-time every day, grass roots, blue collar African Americans are struggling to maintain in a global marketing equation that's intellectually driven, technologically enforced and African American un-friendly.

African Americans are struggling to hold on mentally and spiritually believing that our children we put through school represents the future for the least of us. While we are struggling to finance their education and believe, they are looking for ideas and leadership.

We have young black people with bachlors, masters, PhD's and doctorate's graduating after 4-6 years of intense, indept studying looking for idea's and leadership. In the name of the (NAACP) National Association for the Advancement of Colored People how can this be?

It is a sad, sad day for the State of Black America that with all their education and knowledge they don't have a clue, idea or the intelligence to lead the way for themselves, let alone provide a blueprint for 38.3 millions U.S.A. blacks and the millions more in Africa waiting, hoping and praying that the technologically advanced highly educated young African Americans get an idea for something, lead something or invent something.

Black America,trust Enoch Mubarak when I tell you this:
When you have young African Americans harboring bachelor degrees, science, math, industrial mechanic, business administration, masters, PhD's and doctorate degrees coming out of colleges, universities and graduate schools seeking to hold a summit for the expressed of looking for ideas and leadership, we are in big, big, big, serious trouble.

When you have young educated African Americans coming out of colleges, universities and graduate schools looking to ensure our legacy of slavery and injustice in the name of the NAACP then know that I am speaking truth when I say that the Wichita NAACP creed is false, fake, hypocritical and based on an invalid premise to wit::

"Leaders are not born, they're developed. Either because of opportunity or necessity, someone takes charge and leads the way. Effective leadership is a destination achieved through careful thought, consideration and action."
The Wichita NAACP Branch.

The NAACP Wichita Branch wishes to ensure your parents/grandparents legacy of slavery and injustice. To be black in your parents era was to be a "survivor" not a "educated black professional" Your parents struggled with a total different dilemma as young black people.

The inability to read and write with articulation and effectiveness was a life saver for your parents whereas the ability to read and write was a death sentence for them.

The legacy of civil rights was a legacy of slavery and injustice. The legacy of civil rights represented an era of moral dilemmas. The 21st century represents an era of intellectual dilemmas, not moral dilemmas.

Marching, protesting and boycotting are useless and obsolete. Your parents and mine did what they did for that time in history but it is evident by our current status in this country that the means and methods your parents employed are outdated, obsolete and unproductive.

Just like the invention of the cotton gin made manual cotton picking obsolete, intellectual rights have made ensuring our civil rights legacy obsolete. The civil rights strategy for your parents was to make their living by the sweat of their brow. Civil rights was all about overcoming a system designed for black failure.

The legacy for black Americans in the 21st century is much, much, much different. The situation you are currently in is new, fresh, and right out of the wrapper. The 21st century is an era of intellectual rights. The 21st century belongs to readers, writers and producers.

The ability to read and write in the 21st century is a life saver. The inability to read and write in the 21st century is a death sentence.

Stop looking to seminars and summits for leadership and new ideas. You are the leaders!Read, write and with articulation of thought and action think your way out of extinction with intelligent strategies or perish. The Wichita NAACP leadership summit surely evidences cowardliness, gross dereliction of duty and personal responsibility.

I hope the NAACP Wichita Branch first official act of intellectual leadership is to re-think that leadership summit.

Don't be fake,weak and hypocritical.
It staggers the imagination how young African Americans can complete high school, college and graduate school only to stand before the global community of the 21st century with their hands and pockets out looking for hand outs,ideas and leadership.

The NAACP, National Urban League and the Chicago Black Star Project target and hypocritically blame poorly uneducated African Americans for not living up to the highest and best use of the opportunities afforded them by this great country, when in all actuality it is the Young black professionals that are not living up to the highest and best use of the opportunities afforded them by their elite education and professional classifications.

Black professionals are guilty of cowardliness and gross dereliction of duty. Young black educated professionals in the name of black organizations shuck their responsible to provide a workable strategy for the inclusion and existence of the black race in and beyond the 21st century.

They shuck their responsibility by cowardly and hypocritically putting the responsibility and burden upon the shoulders of weak, poor, uneducated blacks and the elderly.

We have 1.1 million African Americans with advance degrees, plus a plethora of African American ministers/leaders, senators, congressman, representatives, councilmen and alderman but yet, African Americans have no verifiable evidence of a technology, infrastructure or industry.

African American organizations, political leaders and African American ministers/leaders concertedly lack the collective intelligence to create a foundation of inclusion for the survival of African Americans.How can this be?

If a hint is sufficient for the wise, here is 4 ideas from Enoch Mubarak to grow on:

Rule 1- Don't look for leadership
Rule 2- You are the leader
Rule 3- If you walk like a lion and talk like a lion, you had better darn well be a lion.
Rule 4- Don't ask for what you are not prepared to take.

The 21st century is yours to see, commamnd and become a part of. The 21st century belongs to readers, writers and producers. You have the education, what you need now is courage.


KMyles February 28, 2008 at 2:09 PM  

Wow Brother, You certainly said a mouthful... And certainly your thoughts are in line with the tendency of many who almost reflexively attack the NAACP and other organizations... But bruh, I'm not the one...

Certainly, anyone with an ounce of compassion and a sense of history would be frustrated by the condition of too many of our people. So in that sense brother Mubarik, your passion is understood and warranted. But it is clearly an outgrowth of our historic experience that when it comes to dealing with the critical issues affecting our people, we retreat back to 'projection' and defeatism. We sound strong and almost revolutionary as we attack one another, but don't get it twisted; talking the talk and walking the walk are not the same things.

Now I happen to agree with a portion of what you said, in that the proliferation of new technologies has certainly created a number of new opportunities and challenges. But has the proliferation of such 'really' eliminated all other facets of the struggle? I understand and appreciate your entrepreneurial focus brother, but do you really think you have 'solved' the crises facing black folk? It is always fascinating and curious to me when people look upon their viewpoints and perspectives a though they were somehow universally valid. As though your privately-owned business holds the key for the other 40,000,000 of us, if only we would all listen to you..

Tell me brother, the Justice Department hasn't prosecuted a civil rights violation against an African American in 2 years despite the fact that the cases are still being filed all over the country. I personally filed three myself on behalf of local citizens... One was a 56 year old African American Female, stopped for having a broken tail-light who was tasered, had her eye blackened, was kicked and bruised, and had the door panels on her car torn off as the officers looked for drugs that she didn't have. Does Mubarik Inter-Prizes sell a solution for that? Did you gain any valuable insights that would possibly explain how we're going to deal with real issues like that without organization?

Tell me brother, Circuit courts all over the country have virtually legalized racial discrimination by using shifting standards in the application of summary judgements. In fact, only 2 race discrimination case have survived summary judgement in the 10th circuit court in 9 years. And one involved a Hispanic who claimed he was discriminated against and the other involved a white female. The use of non-sensical standards such as Clark vs Runyon create loopholes which allow for discriminatory practices to continue unabated. In fact Judge Heaney of the 8th circuit himself stated in a dissent filing that "Applying the requirements of Clark v. Runyon to non-disciplinary claims like Philip’s (discrimination claim) places an inappropriate burden on plaintiffs to show similarities irrelevant to their claims." Since you have stated that it would be an act of "cowardliness, gross dereliction of duty and personal responsibility" for us to assemble young professionals to devise new strategies to deal with these realities, tell me where on your website I might find 'legislative reform'?

The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, once headed by Arthur Fletcher, has been transformed into a haven for ideologues. It's mission has been completely abrogated as it has turned it's attention to investigating HBCU's. So rather than ensuring that the doors of opportunity remain open for all, we have a publicly funded government agency looking into closing them. They are doing it in the full light of day with full reports available to the public, and by us standing up and working to change that reality, you assert that we are actually working to "ensure your parents/grandparents legacy of slavery and injustice". So since gathering together young leaders and fresh minds to devise new strategies is by your logic a 'tragic mis-step', then what pray-tell is your proposed solution? Is it available in the Mubarik Inter-Prizes catalogue?

The Academic Achievement Gap is a sadly ubiquitous phenomena. All over the country, with few exceptions we seen African American Children under-performing. And yet despite this reality, we also see intriguing national parallel phenomena such as: A. linear decreases in per pupil spending with increased percentages of African American enrollments B. linear increases in the number of inexperienced and uncertified teachers with increased percentages of African American enrollments. C. attempts by districts to change the definitions of "at-risk" which would allow them to re-distribute federal title 1 dollars away from it's intended purpose of mitigating the effects of urban poverty. etc etc... Since you have quite boldly asserted that "Young African Americans have the education, what they need now is courage", tell me dear Brother how you're gonna solve that with bravery? Since networking young professionals and gathering new perspectives and devising new solutions is without merit in your estimation, I assume you have an "individual courage strategy" that's going to fix all of that.

When you look at Health Disparities, disproportionate incarceration rates, wrongful terminations, claims of excessive force, academic achievement etc... it is clear that we still have work to do...

Brother I'm proud of your individual success, I truly am.. But the fact remains that this work won't do itself, and all the pontificating in the world won't do it either. Every Status Quo is vigorously defended by those whom it benefits. Do we rise to meet these challenges or do we shrink and posture with psuedo-revolutionary bravado as we attack each other. Projection is unfortunately a part of our historical legacy. It's like when my daughter is angry with me, but she doesn't feel sufficiently empowered to express that anger, she tends to take it out on her little brother. We have playing fields yet to level and obstacles yet to demolish, but rather than stand up and face those inequities, we turn our outrage on one another. We blast collective effort and hold up our individualism as though it holds some mysterious promise; but in reality its all a charade. If you want to focus on self, there's nothing wrong with that, but don't pretend like it's somehow about the community. There is no selfish savior.

Yours was only one of dozens of similar diatribes Ive read over my years in this work. The adjectives vary, but they all share one similar trait; as a whole, they're just words on paper. Don't tell me what you thought, what you said, or what you think we ought to talk about; tell me what you DID. I checked your website, but I didn't see any solutions... all I saw was your hustle. Now I'm not knocking it, but I told you at the beginning... I'm not the one... I am not moved by talk. And I'm no intellectual slouch either. I am a "REAL" activist; I fight as a hobby. You will not build your nationalist profile by attacking me or the folks I represent, not on my watch. Sorry, but I don't give credibility coupons... But I'll save you a spot on the battlefield and a chair at the summit.

See you when you get here...

Kevin Myles

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