Monday, March 14, 2011

Let your Legislators Hear Your Voice by calling 352 BE HEARD

Have you ever wanted to sound off and let your legislators know exactly how you felt about an issue? Have you ever really wanted an opportunity to weigh in on an issue, but you were unable to make it to a specific hearing or forum?

352 BE HEARD is an initiative designed to afford you the opportunity to speak directly to your elected representatives and to have them hear your opinions in your own voice. Simply dial 352 BE HEARD (352-234-3274) from your phone and sound off on the issue of the day. Messages are then converted into MP3 format and complied on interactive documents which are then sent electronically to Legislators, elected officials and the press.

Selected messages may even be made available through the blog or other interactive media so that we can all hear the real voices of the General Public live and unfiltered.

As the Kansas Legislature prepares to cut more than 50 MILLION dollars from our schools, leading to furloughs and increased class sizes, as they debate rolling back human and civil rights protections that we all take for granted, as they consider a push to eliminate get-out the vote type registration drives and door-to-door canvassing through a vacuous Voter ID Bill, and as they prepare to vote on yet ANOTHER Tax Cut bill - this time to phase out ALL Corporate Income taxes over the next 5 years Despite the fact we are already facing a $550 million dollar Revenue shortfall, YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED NOW MORE THAN EVER.

Please call 352 BE HEARD - and let YOUR voice Be Heard!

352 BE HEARD (352-234-3274) is a service jointly provided by the Wichita Branch and Kansas State Conference of the NAACP.

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