Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coalition of Kansas Civic Organizations to March for Civil Rights Protections on 3/19

On Saturday, March 19th, at 12:00pm, the Kansas NAACP, the Topeka Center for Peace and Social Justice, Kansas Equality Coalition, the ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri, Kansas National Organization for Women, and the Kansas League of Women Voters will stand together in an historic alliance to oppose the systematic dismantling of civil and equal rights protections in Kansas.

These organizations, their members, allies, and supporters, will meet at Monroe Elementary School in Topeka (the Brown Vs Board Historic site), and we will march to the Capitol Building. Put on your walking shoes and meet us at the Capitol!!!

Reverend Ben Scott, President, Topeka NAACP
785-266-5688 /

Jim McCullough, Director, Topeka Center for Peace and Social Justice
785-232-4388 /

Thomas Witt, Chair, Kansas Equality Coalition
316-683-1706 /

Holly Weatherford, Program Director, ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri
816-756-3113 x 234 /

Kari Ann Rinker, State Coordinate, Kansas NOW
620-245-4904 /

Ernestine Krehbiel, President, Kansas League of Women Voters
316-652-9229 /

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