Monday, November 29, 2010

The Kansas African American Museum unveils new exhibit to promote Prematurity Awareness

The Wichita Branch NAACP, The Kansas African American Museum, The March of Dimes and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc and other collaborating organizations are working together to promote Prematurity Awareness.

Pre-term birth/low birth weight is one of the leading causes of infant deaths in Kansas. Across all races and ethnicities, infant deaths occur most often for young mothers under the age of 20, who are single parents, and who have less than a high school level of education.
According to the March of Dimes, “While the national infant mortality rate continues to decline, the Kansas rate is nearly 20 percent higher. While many states have made progress in closing the gap between white and black infant mortality, Kansas has not. Kansas ranks highest in the nation for black infant mortality.”

By coming together, we hope to ensure that every woman has a healthy pregnancy, gets early prenatal care and support services, learns about safe sleep, and makes choices that promote healthy lifestyles for a lifetime.

The Kansas African American Museum is now hosting a display entitled “Prematurity: A visual perspective”. An open house will be held tonight (November 29th) from 6-7pm, refreshments will be provided. Please join us in our efforts to address this important public health issue. For more information about the event please go contact J’Vonnah Maryman at 316-706-7776.

Every pregnant woman should be considered at risk of preterm birth. Around the 20th week of pregnancy, all pregnant women should learn the signs and symptoms of preterm labor and what they can do if they occur. To help prevent preterm birth, women should:
  • Know the warning signs of preterm labor.
  • Get regular prenatal checkups.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Quit smoking, drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs.
  • Avoid secondhand smoke.
  • Call a healthcare provider if she feels burning or pain when urinating (possible sign of an infection that can increase the risk of preterm birth).

To learn more please visit:

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