Friday, July 23, 2010

Real Stories: Child Welfare

This is the first in our new series of "Real Stories". These are actual cases, sent to us by real complainants, with specific requests for publicity. In all cases, the names will be redacted, but the cases will be evaluated and processed, and updates will appear here on the blog as they occur...

Hello. I want my story if at all possible and maybe someone will hear me out on how much love I have for my children and I hope you are the one that will get this posted for me in the paper. So here is my story...

My name is XXXXXX XXXXXXXX and I am from Wichita, Kansas. I have 2 boys that have was taken from me by the state back in 1999 due to me oversleeping when my oldest got outside by himself. The boys now are 14 and 12 years of age. With me fighting for almost 2 years I lost my rights to my children due to not following directions, having a bad attitude, and having a job as an dancer at the time. The courts found me "indeemed unfit", never found me guilty of abuse or neglect. 11 years has passed and I have changed my life around completely I am not a dancer, my whole attitude has changed, I go to church, I am working at the hospitals here in Wichita has a PCT and going to school full time to get my RN degree. My oldest son has found me on facebook and contacted me wanting to come home with me has stated he has been treated badly in the foster homes and has switched from foster home to foster home because he cant get along with anyone. He is having these behaviors because he feels unwanted and not loved and he knows his mother loves him and he wants to come home. He has no stability in his life and never know what is going to happen next. This is why he is having all his behaviors. I have contacted Youthville and told them that I want to seek out on getting my children back and I had to do a few things to get them back. I did as they told me to do and they are still making excuses for me not to get my children back into my life and its not right. I did a clincial assessment for them and it showed that I should be an accepted adoptive resource to get my children back. There should not be any reason why I cant get them back and still they are trying to make up excuses why I cant have them back. It makes me think that they do not care about my children all they care about is making money off my children. Its not right at all. Both boys want to come home and they should be able to come home to there mother because I can give them stablility and real love that they have been craving for so many years that they was getting it. 

Please help me get my story out there please. 


Ma'am, you will be contacted by our Legal Redress team shortly...

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