Saturday, May 15, 2010

Changes coming to the Wichita NAACP Blog

I started the Wichita NAACP Blog a couple years ago with the intent of providing a space to discuss and promote initiatives of the NAACP. I sought to make it an organizational space rather than a personal one, with a primary focus on events and initiatives. While I will continue to use this space as a platform to share that type of organizational information, in the coming weeks and months I will also begin to include more 'perspective' pieces as well.

I believe that it is imperative that we within the organization do a better job of communicating not only the "What", When", and "How" of our efforts and initiatives, but also the "Why". So in addition to our usual descriptive pieces, we will spend more time delving into the philosophies and opinions that under-gird our efforts. Now, what you won't see are pieces about articles I just read from another news source or what I think President Obama should do now... We will not become just another insta-pundit talking head site. But we will endeavor to grow this space into more of a hub where we can discuss not only the current events but also the ideas that influence them. Sometimes you'll agree and sometimes you won't, but when you don't, I hope you'll be willing to share your comments and thoughts...

I hope you enjoy...

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