Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Kansas Health Care Obstruction Act is DEFEATED!

This morning, the Kansas House of Representatives voted on the Kansas Health Care "Freedom" Amendment for the THIRD TIME, and with votes on Monday, Tuesday, and today, the bill has now been Defeated three times in a row. The final action on the measure, which I like to call 'the-Kansas-doesn't-need-Health-Care-reform-according-to-what-they-said-on-Fox-Act', resulted in vote of 75-47. An Amendment requires 85 votes in the House for Adoption. Not only was the act DEFEATED but there has been a 4 vote swing AGAINST the act since Monday!!!

The measure was previously defeated in the Senate back on the 19th where it failed to passed out of Committee.

The bill was designed to block the implementation of Federal Health Care Reform in Kansas and was intended to form the basis of a legal challenge.

Our sincere thanks to all of you within the Kansas House of Representatives who have steadfastly ignored the talking points, the patriotic platitudes, and the noise machine, and actually listened to the voices and the stories of your constituents. And a very Special thank you TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE ENGAGED BY CALLING AND CONTACTING YOUR LEGISLATORS! You are being heard! Your voices do matter! Together, we can make a difference! And while across the Nation, we see States launching various obstruction tactics and Legal challenges, we breathe a little easier knowing that thanks to your efforts and your persistence, Reform WILL come to Kansas!!!

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