Monday, February 8, 2010

The NAACP to elect a new National Chairman...

On February 20th, the National Board of Directors of the NAACP will convene in New York City. In that meeting, the members of the board will vote to elect our new National Chairman. Our current Chairman, Julian Bond, will remain on the board, however he is not seeking reelection as Chair.

The candidates for Chair are the President of the Detroit Branch, Reverend Wendell Anthony, and National Vice Chairman, Roslyn Brock. Both choices represent change for the organization. But there is one clear choice.

For 18 years, Reverend Anthony has served as the President of the largest branch in the Association. With an estimated 10,000 members, the Detroit Branch NAACP is a vital part of our National Organization. Reverend Anthony has been a field General and I have the utmost respect for his years of dedicated service to the Association and to our community. But given the tasks at hand; the rapidly changing social and political landscapes, the need for organizational renewal, the advances in technology and the implications for advocacy, the comprehensive policy challenges facing our community such as health care reform, the powerful demographic and generational shifts that are beginning and will continue to impact our organization, and the need for new vision and direction, its time we elect Roslyn Brock Chairman of the Board of Directors for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Roslyn Brock first joined the Board of Directors as a youth member. At 35, she was unanimously elected Vice-Chair of the National Board of Directors. Still in her early 40's, Vice Chair Brock is firmly rooted in the organization and has a firm grasp and deep understanding of the complexities of board governance. She has a great historical and contemporary knowledge and appreciation of the Association. And she appreciates the fact that the Association must adapt with the changing times; maintaining our mission while reviewing our policies, and renewing our methods. In fact, it was noted by Executive Director Emeritus Benjamin Hooks in his glowing endorsement of Vice Chair Brock, that she "led the policy debate to recognize access to healthcare as a Civil Right which resulted in the National Board making the Health Committee a standing committee of the board."

Vice Chair Brock also understands the urgent need for the association to position itself for future growth. In 2005, Vice Chair Brock convened the first annual Leadership 500 summit. The Summit gathered up-and-coming corporate and thought leaders from around the country to talk about the challenges facing our society, and how their talents could be harnessed to further the interests of our Association. With the 6th annual summit now on the horizon, Vice Chair Brock's efforts have identified, educated, and networked more than 2,000 young professionals, activists, and concerned citizens to create a vision and plan for the second century of Civil Rights advocacy.

Vice Chair Brock, who would be the fourth Woman to ever serve as National Chairman, has earned the admiration and endorsement of current Chairman Julian Bond, Chairman Emeritus Myrlie Evers-Williams, and Executive Director Emeritus Rev. Dr. Benjamin Hooks. Her passion and ability is evident. Her work and her commitment to the Association have been exemplary. And her contributions have been substantial and enduring. As a Branch and State Conference President, I am proud to add my humble endorsement. I ask that our Regional representatives to the National Board; Mary Ratliff, Anita Russell, Harold Crumpton, and Rev Keith Ratliff, give their support to Vice Chairman Brock, and that each of you would contact your regional representatives and ask them to do the same...

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