Friday, February 19, 2010

Legislators finally acknowledge the proposed "Kansas Health Care Freedom" Amendment is really an attempt to block Health Care Reform

After weeks of misleading and disingenuous statements to the contrary, Kansas legislators have now offered statements acknowledging that the proposed Kansas "Health Care Freedom" Amendment is really a device intended to block Federal Health Care Reform efforts.

Senator Jim Barnett of Emporia, Chairman of the Senate Public Health and Welfare committee, today issued a statement which read in part: "The Healthcare Freedom Amendment will help protect the people of Kansas from the disastrous results of the proposed healthcare bill that Washington, DC intends to force upon us." 

That statement contradicts earlier statements by Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook who repeatedly stated to media outlets, that this bill was not about opting out or blocking health care reform. The language is particularly curious when you consider there is still no single reconciled bill being pushed by the Federal Government. The House and Senate bills still need to be reconciled and debated and worked before they reach a single final form for our consideration. But that's no problem; THIS effort and THESE Legislators, don't need an actual "bill" to oppose -- They just oppose the Federal Government and Anything that comes from the Federal Government will be wrong by them.

The Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee passed the bill out by voice vote but without a recommendation. It will now head to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

If enacted the Kansas "Health Care Freedom Amendment" would prohibit the subsequent enactment of Federal Health Care reform legislation.

The Kansas State Conference will hold a Press Conference on Wednesday the 24th at 3PM in the Docking State Office Building (915 SW Harrison St., Topeka KS) to discuss our opposition to the proposed constitutional amendment and to lend our support to SB 375 which would abolish the Death Penalty in Kansas and replace it with life in prison.

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