Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Lord's Diner withdraws its proposal to place a satellite facility in Northeast Wichita

After a torrent of meetings, discussions, emails, and phone calls, the question of whether or not the Lord's Diner would open a satellite facility on 21st street in Northeast Wichita has finally been answered. The Lord's Diner held a press conference on Saturday 11/14, and released a prepared statement that said in part, "Regrettably, over the past few months, we have reached an impasse in our efforts to move forward with a Lord's Diner in the northeast community. Out of respect for those who have voiced concerns, we are withdrawing our proposal for a Lord's Diner at 21st and Grove."

The Lord's Diner contacted the Mayor and asked that the Public Hearing scheduled for November 17th be taken off of the agenda.

As a party to many of the discussions that have taken place within the community and with the Lord's Diner, the Wichita NAACP would like to personally thank Wendy Glick and the board of the Lord's Diner for their willingness to dialogue, and for their responsiveness to the concerns of the community.

While we were firm in our opposition to their proposed 21st site, we believe in and fully support the mission and work of the Lord's Diner. It is our hope that in the coming days we might build upon the relationships and connections we've made and continue to explore opportunities for future partnerships and collaborations.

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