Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sudanese Journalist Lubna Hussein set free after one day imprisonment

Sudanese Journalist Lubna Hussein, pictured in the left sidebar, was sentenced on Monday for the alleged "Crime" of wearing pants. The formal charge was 'dressing contrary to public sense'. She was ordered to pay a fine of roughly $200.00 usd.

Hussain refused, making clear that she did not view this trial as a personal issue, but rather a national issue of Women's rights. Hussain, dressed in the same pants that she had been convicted for wearing, was then sentenced to one months imprisonment for her refusal to pay. However, shortly after her being taken to prison, the Sudanese Union of journalists paid her fine and Lubna Hussain was released after only one day of confinement.

Click HERE for a BBC news account of her release...

Since her release, Lubna Hussein held a press conference with the Ajrass Alhurria newspaper and stated that she is upset about the outcome of her trial and that the Sudanese Journalist Union freed her from prison against her will. She plans to appeal the judges decision on her case to a higher court with the ultimate goal of changing the law.

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