Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Wichita Branch NAACP brings home two First Place Thalheimer Awards from the NAACP National Convention

The Wichita Branch NAACP received two Thalheimer Awards on Thursday at the NAACP National Convention. The Thalheimer is the highest award the NAACP can confer upon its branches. Thalheimer are awarded in two main categories: Programs (branch activities and campaigns) and Publications (including newsletters, e-media, television and/or radio). The Wichita Branch received its first Thalheimer Award for Programs in 1959 under the leadership of President Emeritus Chester I Lewis. Chet Lewis received the award for his aggressive leadership and his role in supporting the Dockum Drug Store sit-in of 1958. The Wichita Branch received its second Thalheimer award in 2007, with a 3rd place Award for programs. In 2008, the branch received its 3rd Thalheimer award with a second place finish for Publications. And last Thursday, we were blessed to receive our 4th and 5th Thalheimer Awards; this time with two First Place finishes in both Programs and Publications.

Also, while we were at the convention, our membership Chair had the opportunity to visit with the National membership office staff to confirm our numbers. And we are pleased to announce that we have DOUBLED our membership in just the first 6 months of this year!

Thank you to all of our Branch members and volunteers who made this possible. We are truly blessed to have a small group of extraordinary people who manage to do so much with so little...

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