Tuesday, June 2, 2009

USD259 releases its list of proposed budget cuts

USD259, facing a 27 million dollar shortfall, released its list of proposed budget cuts at the school board meeting last night. There are 127 items under consideration; several of which would directly affect the minority, low SES, and/or otherwise under-served communities. It is critically important that we take the time to carefully review these proposals and make our opinions and voices known.

Click HERE for an annotated copy of the proposed budget cuts...

Once you've taken the time to review the proposed cuts, please take a an additional moment and send an email to the members of the Board of Education and share your thoughts, questions, or concerns.

Lynn Rodgers: lynnwrogers@sbcglobal.net
Connie Dietz: connie.dietz@wichita.edu
Lanora Nolan: lnolan@bnolan.com
Barb Fuller: barbfuller259@yahoo.com
Betty Arnold: betty.arnold@dol.ks.gov
Jeff Davis: jdavis101@cox.net
Kevass Harding: revkevass@aol.com

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