Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Legislative Action Alert - CINC notification (HB2303) & Insurance Premiums and Credit Scores (SB203) need your attention

There are two bills currently making their way through the Kansas State Legislature that urgently need your attention...

As you all may know, our Political Affairs and Regualtory Review committees have worked dilligently over the last few months to try and come up with some legislative action that would help address the problems we see within the Child Welfare system. We, in consultation with representatives from several Child Welfare agencies, have come up with some language that while limited in scope, may truly impact the system. This language deals with notification of family members when a child is removed from the home, and the goal of it is to increase the number of kinship placements.

Thanks to the efforts of Representative Jason Watkins and with the support of Representative Melody McCray Miller, the language has made it through the revisors office and it has been assigned a bill number (HB2303). You can review the language by clicking here.

If this bill is to pass, we will need all of your help and support. Please contact your State Representatives and let them know that you support HB2303. Once a hearing has been scheduled, I'll update you all via email and twitter. (to receive the twitter blast, send a text message from your cell phone to #: 40404 - the message should read: follow wichitanaacp)

We will need testimony, and lots of it, to get this bill through. SRS has already indicated that they are not in favor of using the term 'due dilligence' for a number of reasons, so I would expect that the bill will face some very organized opposition. We will need to be similarly armed and prepared...


SB 206 (Insurance Premiums/Credit Scores)
SB206 was introduced by Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau. This bill would prohibit Insurance companies from using a persons credit score when assessing premiums. The bill is designed to prevent insurance companies from further penalizing citizens who have suffered some temporary financial strain or difficulties.

The bill is currently on hold in the Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee. I would ask that each of you send a quick email to the members of the Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee indicating your support for this important measure. We would like to see SB 206 receive a hearing, and ultimately move out onto the floor for a full vote by the Senate. Here is the contact infomation for the members of the Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee:

Teichman, Ruth Chair
785/296-7394 241-E

Brownlee, Karin Vice Chair
785/296-7358 261-E

Barnett, Jim
785/296-7384 142-E

Colyer, Jeff
785/296-7383 547-N

Kelsey, Dick
785/296-7397 547-N

Masterson, Ty
785/296-7388 547-N

Taddiken, Mark
785/296-7371 222-E

Steineger, Chris
785/296-7375 181-E

Holland, Tom
785/296-7372 181-E

Thank you all in advance for your support... Together we can move one step closer to creating a better system.


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