Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mueller Elementary to become an Aerospace and Engineering Magnet school

Next year, Mueller Elementary will become Kansas's first Aerospace and Engineering elementary magnet school.

"A lot of things you do in science and in everyday life is engineering and a lot of kids don't realize that and a lot of adults don't realize that" says Principal, Anne Clemens.

One of the goals for the new magnet school is that interested students will continue with the engineering program, from elementary through high school, and then go on to WSU's engineering program.

In fact, WSU is partnering in the development of Mueller's new curriculum. They say they're always competing with other colleges to get the brightest engineering students, so it's in their interest to increase the pool they draw from. WSU Director of Engineering Education, Larry Whitman, explains, "We want to not just increase the number, but increase the quality and confidence of the students that are coming." And by teaching the basics of a complicated system, Mueller's principal hopes to improve the way they learn in all their subjects.

"It's working as a team; their teamwork will increase, their critical thinking will increase. So many life lessons, so many 21st century skills that our kids need to have in order to be successful."

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