Thursday, October 30, 2008

Turnout in at Advance Voting sites at record high!

In anticipation of what certainly promised to be a record turnout in this election cycle, the Wichita NAACP, the Sedgwick County Voter Coalition, the Voter Empowerment Coalition, Sunflower Community Action, and others have worked dilligently to register voters and to turn out the vote. It appears that these early efforts have borne fruit.

I spoke this morning with Beverly White, the Executive Director of the Center for Health and Wellness, about turnout at her facility which serves as an early voting site. She reported that the Center for Health and Wellness had as many voters on the first day of early voting as they'd had in the previous election cycle. Voters lined up outside her facility nearly an hour before the polling site opened and turnout continues to be heavy each day.

But while these early indications are promising, we aren't scaling back our efforts. Members of the Voter Empowerment coalition and the NAACP are manning a phone bank to assist registered voters and provide them with information concerning voting issues and polling places. Members of the Sedgwick County Voter coalition and the League of Women Voters are signing up volunteers to serve as poll watchers on election day. Radio Personalities like Greg Williams, Program director of 93.9KDGS have been providing key information on voting during their broadcasts. And everyday citizens like you can continue to do your part by encouraging those friends and family members who may not usually vote, to get out there and participate in this year's contest.

Only 5 days to go... Let's do all we can to get everyone to the polls!!!

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