Saturday, August 2, 2008

After the N-Word: A few more words I'd like to bury...

I was in Detroit back in July of 07 when we buried the "N-word". And while it's doubtful that the effort moved many mustard-seeds, I appreciated the fact the NAACP Youth and College Division had come up with a way to place the irony of our colloquial usage of the term under our conscious scrutiny. Using that as a template, I have a few more terms that I'd like to recommend for burial... Here's my short list:

PIMP - all tenses, definitions, variants, and forms. Also including any and all lame-ass acronymic uses of the term. This also includes, but is not limited to the word "pimpin" in both the noun and verb forms. (ie... What's up Pimpin? & I am Pimpin.)

MULTICULTURAL - everytime I hear the word I visualize an image of Boy George and his crew singing Karma Chameleon; bizarre word-association, I know... But Please, let's make it stop.

FEAR (as an Acronym for "False Evidence Appearing Real") - not only would I like to bury this figure, I'd like to take it a step further and bury ALL ridiculous after-market acronyms. Stop Turning Odd Phrases Into silly sayings That get on my nerves!

RACE CARD - the equivalent of a semantic Stop-Sign. To the degree that word can be defined by its usage, "Race-Card" can be roughly defined as any discussion that even suggests an act of racism, racial discrimination, or race consciousness, in any setting, modern or historical. However, it is never used merely to categorize a remark or sentiment; it is used exclusively to dismiss the idea and end the conversation. This term is a blot on civil discourse.

Prison Industrial Complex - I don't disagree with the concept that the Prison system has spawned a slew of parasitic support industries, I'm just tired of hearing people say it over and over and over as though it were a new or revelatory observation... Everytime I hear the phrase I visualize an image of Keenan & Damon Wayans on 'In Living Color' sharing their deep thoughts from prison.

Baby Daddy - please don't make me explain...

Do you have any words you'd like to be rid of? Let's make this a mass grave. Please, click on the comment button below and toss your words in the casket...

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