Monday, July 21, 2008

The Wichita NAACP Youth hold their very first Mock Debate

On Sunday, the members of the NAACP Youth Council held their very first mock debate. Using Parliamentary rules, they debated the resolution "Children should wear uniforms in Public Schools". The leads on each team (the PM & LO) were ages 13 and 12, and the members of each (the MG & MO) were both 9.  And while unsurpringly, all of the youth were personally opposed to the wearing of uniforms, the Affirmative team narrowly won the debate.
We plan to slowly grow this debate team within our youth unit, and once the children are a bit more practiced we will begin holding these debates before the public. During the NAACP National Conference, we even talked among the Kansas State Branches that perhaps if we all grew our own Youth Debate teams we could develop our own  State tournament and have the Youth Councils compete against one another throughout the State.
I'll keep you all informed as we put "the meat on the bones", and in the meanwhile, we'll keep building with our group. Their next debate is planned for August 3rd, when they will debate the proposition "Children/pre-teens should be allowed to have their own cell phones"I can't wait...

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