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From the Convention: The complete list of all Resolutions considered at the 2008 NAACP Convention

Here is the complete list of all resolutions considered at the 2008 NAACP Annual Convention.

Note: Some resolutions were abbreiveated or excerpted for brevity

The Resolution process begins with a local unit (or branch) who drafts a proposed policy or resolution. That resolution must be approved by the general membership of that unit. The proposed resolution is then brought before the State Conference for ratification. Once ratified by the State Conference at it's quarterly meeting, the proposed resolution is then forwarded to the National Resolution committee where it is reviewed and prepared for the annual resolution session.

Within the resolution session, all registered voting delegates to the convention are able to stand up and speak to each proposed policy or initiative. After debate, each is brought to a vote and if successful, it becomes binding NAACP policy.

1. NAACP Centennial Commemoration by Local, State, and National Governmental Authorities Resolved: That all units of the NAACP shall petition their local, state, and national elected and appointed officials to issue proclamations dated February 12, 2009, honoring the NAACP and its work, and commemorating the NAACP's 100th anniversary.

2. Strengthening the African American Family
Resolved: That the NAACP in coalition with the faith community and other grassroots organizations lead a public campaign highlighting the need for promoting individual and collective community responsibilities along with public policies to assist African American families that alleviate the impact of criminal activity, inadequate health care and insufficient educational support on the African American community. And that the NAACP advocate through its units and promote activities that will strengthen and fortify the African American family structure.

3. Supporting continued sovereignty and Federal recognition of the Shinnecock Tribal Nation and the Unkechaug Tribal Nation
Resolved: That the NAACP will continue to support and advocate for all legitimate claims for Native American federal recognition in general, including the Shinnecock and Unkechang Nations and the protections for Native American burial grounds.

4. Honoring John Roberts "JR" Clifford
Resolved: That civil Rights Pioneer John Roberts "JR" Clifford will be honored along with others as the NAACP moves towards it centennial celebration

5. Promoting non-discriminatory adoption and usage of broadband Internet & information technologies
Resolved: That the NAACP shall object to any corporate or governmental policies that increase costs, impede deployment, discourage adoption and usage, limit consumer access, reduce local commentary, or State oversight or that of public utilities commissions, public hearings, or other forums for citizen input and reduce affordability of broadband technologies AND that the NAACP will call upon its members to educate themselves and others on the importance of adoption and usage of broadband technologies.

6. Release of William Mayo
Resolved: That Local and State units as well as the National office, will advocate for Federal Legislation that would provide for an automatic retrial when testimony offer at a jury trial that leads to a conviction is later recanted AND that NAACP units will assist the Cincinnati Branch as requested in calling for the release of Johnathan Mayo and Troy Davis from their wrongful incarcerations.

7. Jury Panels
Resolved: That units of the NAACP will recommend and advocate to State and Local officials to reevaluate and restructure Jury selection procedures to increase non-white representation in jury pools.

8. Abolition of Life Sentences for Juvenile defendants
Resolved: That NAACP Units should call upon their respective legislatures to abolish life sentences for juvenile defendants

9. NAACP Opposes the transfer of Youth to the Adult Criminal Justice System
Resolved: That the NAACP will work to end the excessive practice of youth being tried in the adult criminal justice system and to insure that young people are appropriately adjudicated in ways that enhance community rehabilitation, safety and stability, AND that the NAACP shall strongly oppose any policies, statutes, or laws that increase the number of youth transferred into the adult criminal justice system or the number of youth held in adult prisons or jails.

10. Hangman's Nooses as a Hate Crime
Resolved: That the NAACP shall adopt a position of zero tolerance in opposing the conduct of anyone who uses the hangman's noose to intimidate, threaten, or assault....

11. Privatizing and Outsourcing Manufacturing jobs in prisons is contributing to low wages.
Resolved: that NAACP units will advocate before Local, State, and Federal policy making bodies to adopt regulations that will require prisons and private contractors to pay a living wage, and that the money earned by prisoners shall be divided equally between an amount paid to the prisoners during their incarceration, a victims assistance fund, child support payments, and a trust fund to be made available to the prisoner upon release AND that units will advocate for legislation requiring Companies that utilize and benefit from prison labor to offer the same or commensurate health care and other benefits to inmates and their family members that said companies offer to their other employees.

12. Educational Improvements
Resolved: That the NAACP will reaffirm its efforts to advocate for the increased collection of and transparency in accountability data so that the public and the school systems become more aware of the race, origin, and class dimensions related to the allocation of various qualities of educational services AND that the NAACP should enter into litigation against any governmental agencies that refuse to provide proper educational opportunities.

13. Support of remedial Education for youth who are over the age of 18 and not in High School
Resolved: That NAACP units shall actively advocate for the continued funding of programs designed to ensure that remedial educational opportunities are available for persons over 18, who are lacking basic literacy and math skills.

14. Oppose Wal-mart and Other Retailers Unfair Labor Practices
Resolved: That the NAACP will challenge Wal-Mart and other retailers to overcome any of their practices that are inconsistent with the highest standards of Labor and Civil Rights, to ensure equal opportunity and equal pay for Women, people of color and other minorities, and work with local communities to effectively address Wal-Mart's and other retailers negative impact on issues like the environment and local businesses, and establish a "Buy American" program that annually increases the percentage of "Made in America" goods purchased by Wal-Mart and Other retailers to help protect American Jobs.

15. Workplace Bullying
Resolved: That NAACP Units at all levels will seek legislation at all appropriate levels to deem workplace bullying illegal.

16. An Act to Re-Affirm Resolutions previously adopted on Environmental Racism and to further oppose the planning and location of Level 4 Bio-Safety Laboratories and Hazardous facilities designated for densely populated areas.
Resolved: That the NAACP Re-Affirms all previous policies on Environmental racism (1993, 1996, 2000, & 2001) and that NAACP State and Local units should work with community organizations and citizens to prevent level 4 bio-safety laboratories and hazardous facilities from being placed within densely populated areas and shall advocate for legislation to prohibit the same.

17. Health Disparities
Resolved: That the NAACP will identify at least one county in each region where health disparities are most disproportionate among African Americans, poor people, and senior citizens and develop an advocacy, educational, and legal strategy to improved selected element of the system that are responsible for the disparity AND NAACP units at all levels will advocate to federal, state, and local governmental agencies and partner with different organizations or health care systems to establish and maintain programs that will bring information to teens, adults, ad families for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

18. The Impact of Autism
Resolved: The NAACP will lobby for increased Governmental spending for research on the causes and cure of Autism.

19. The NAACP supports efforts to further disaggregate Heathcare data by Race and Ethnicity
Resolved: That the NAACP supports efforts to ensure the accurate collection and reporting of data by heath care providers, programs, and plans about patients and the care they receive; broken down by race and ethnicity.

20. Support for Public Housing Residents
Resolved: That the National Office of the NAACP will encourage and support a Federal Policy that provides for "one for one" replacement of public housing units that are razed or demolished AND that NAACP units at all levels should monitor and pursue actions to ensure that the residents of Public Housing are afforded the full social, political, educational, and economic opportunities available for all residents throughout the nation.

21. Bylaws change - Advisors for Youth & College Chapters (Article V, Sections 10b, 12a, 12e, and 13)
Resolved: That all Faculty advisors, High School Chapter advisors, Youth Council advisors, and Junior Youth Council advisors shall serve as Ex-Officio members of their respective chapter or councils without voting rights.

22. Bylaws change - Disposition of records; Youth Units (Article VI, Section 3e, f, & g)
Resolved: Language added to the section which reads - All minutes and other official records are the property of the Youth Unit and shall be promptly transferred to the newly elected and qualified officers within 30 days after the election. Non-compliance with terms herein shall be considered conduct that is inimical to the best interests of the NAACP, meriting disciplinary action pursuant to Article X.

23. Bylaws change - Executive Committee in the Bylaws for Units (Article VIII, Section 1b)
Resolved: Language changed within the section - All references to Youth Councils replaced with references to Youth Units

24. Bylaws change - Youth Works committee (Article VIII, Section 51k)
Resolved: Language changed within the section - All references to Youth Councils replaced with references to Youth Units

25. Representation of behavior Not in the best interest of the association
Resolved: That the NAACP shall codify guidelines to become an appendage of the constitution and bylaws to highlight the penalties for infractions of the code of the NAACP

26. Peace Resolution
Resolved: that the NAACP actively engage , using its NGO status in the pursuit for peace and stability in Darfur AND that the NAACP request that the President of the United States advocate for peace and an end to the Human Rights abuses in China, Darfur, and Burma

27. Minority Business Participation in Government Contracts
Resolved: that the NAACP call upon Congress, the SBA, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy and all Federal Local ad State Agencies to: 1) promote the use of MBE's in Federal, State, and Local contract and sub-contracts; 2) provide more oversight and monitoring of contracts for compliance in using MBE and small disadvantaged businesses; 3) call for the enforcement of existing laws and penalties on agencies and prime contractors that fail to comply; and 4) that the federal government be precluded from suspending these requirements based upon exigent circumstances

28. Calling for the NAACP to begin mobilization efforts for Census 2010
Resolved: That each State/State Area conference designate a Census 2010 committee to assist units in their jurisdiction to ensure that information and resources are properly deployed AND that the NAACP will advocate to the US Congress and the US Department of Commerce Bureau of the Census that for the purposes of the 2010 census, that all prisoners be enumerated as residents of the census tract wherein they were domiciled at the time of their arrest and/or conviction

29. Supporting Legislation to create a Department of Peace and Non-Violence
Resolved: That the NAACP expresses its support for the enactment of H.R.808, to create a United States Department of Peace and Non-Violence.

30. NAACP calls for passage of New Federal Legislation to Regulate International Vulture Funds and prevent further Exploitation of poor and underdeveloped nations
-Point of Information- a Vulture fund is a financial organization that profits by buying up poor country debt in default on the secondary market for pennies on the dollar, then attempting to charge up to ten times the purchase price by suing the impoverished country in US or European courts.
Resolved: That the NAACP strongly supports forthcoming legislation and grassroots efforts to limit vulture fund profits and decrease the incentive to purchase/litigate on sovereign debt and increase transparency through mandatory filing in US/UK for purchases of foreign debt AND the NAACP strongly supports forthcoming legislation and grassroots efforts that will establish an international bankruptcy framework, binding on all creditors, which would force vultures to comply with debt cancellation and/or debt restructuring efforts.

31. NAACP Support for Present and Future Green jobs appropriations and policies
Resolved: That the NAACP shall advocate for the present and continued funding for the Green Jobs act and for the inclusion of African Americans and other people of color's rightful place in the emerging new green energy sectors and sustainable economies.

32. NAACP Supports applying the decision by the US Sentencing Commission to reduce Mandatory sentences for people convicted of Crack Cocaine possesion retroactively
Resolved: That the NAACP strongly supports making the May 2007 amendment by the US Sentencing Commission retroactive to those currenttly incarcerated for Crack Cocaine convictions AND that the NAACP reiterates its strong support for one-to-one sentencing ranges for crack and powder cocaine sentences.

33. NAACP supports Reauthorization of the Juvenile Justce Delinquency and Prevention Act
Resolved: That the NAACP supports the updating of the JJDPA to decrease over-reliance on detention, detention of statuts offenders, promote effective community-based alternatives to detention and incarceration, and reduce racial disparities in the justive system.

34. NAACP supports a new look at the Federal Budget in FY 2009
Resolved: That the NAACP supports a shift in the current federal budget away from defense and military spending and will continue to fight for increased federal support and funding for public education, affordable housing, health care access and quality initiative, crime preventioin, job training and creation, small business promotion, the protection of our basic civil rights and liberties, energy assistance, the protection of workers rights, and continued assistance for those devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

35. NAACP calls for federal action to End the Home Foreclosure Crisis
Resolved: That the NAACP strongly supports strong anti-predatory lending legislation that establishes higher standards for loan originators and provides stronger penalties and remedies for lenders who break the law, as well as ensuring that any final federal product is the minimumm and that states be allowed to continue to be more aggressive in eliminating predatory lending.

36. Support of Veterans Unity with the Community
Resolved: That the NAACP identify resources, services, and programs in the community that will help assist and educate veterens with Health care, dental care, education, mental health and PTSD, enterprenueship, employment, housing and homeownership, issues unique to female veterens, homeless veterans, formerly incarcerated veterens, and information and access to VA benefits.

37. Quality Military Healthcare
Resolved: That the NAACP calls upon Congress to enact legislation to restructure the healthcare delivery system for active duty military personnel, veterens, and their families, to gurantee access to existing VA facilities and private sector healthcare providers for both physical and mental healthcare needs, including necessary medications.

38. NAACP supports Proposed Popular Vote initiative
Resolved: That the NAACP supports National "Popular Vote" legislation AND that the NAACP supports a Constitutional amendment abolishing the Electoral College.

39. Emergency Resolution - NAACP continues to suport laws to prevent Gun violence and increase gun safety
-Point of Information- Emergency Resolutions may be brought to the floor as written or approved by the President or Chair without having gone through the normal resolution process
Resolved: That the NAACP continues to support safe, sane, and sensible gunn safety legislative initiatives which would make it harder for people with questionable motives and or diminished mental capacity to obtain firearms, either through legal or illegal means AND the NAACP supports an renewal of the assualt weapons ban with a provision that makes it permenant.

40. Emergency Resolution - The NAACP continues to oppose the Dealth Penalty and supports the creation of a commission to investigate the current disparities plaguing the Federal Death Penatly Sentencing Process
Resolved: That the NAACP supports teh communiting of Mr. Troy Anthony Davis' death sentence in light of the new and compelling information regarding the crime of which he is accused AND the NAACP reiterates its continuing opposition to the death penalty at the State and Federal level AND the NAACP strongly supports legislation to be introduced by Senator Russ Feingold (WI) The National Commission on Capitol Punishment Act of 2008

41. The NAACP supports efforts to stop and reverse the dramatic increase in fuel prices; and supports long term, aggressive energy policy
Resolved: That the NAACP strongly supports comprehensive public, private, domestic, and multi-national strategies to address the immediate problems being faced by Americans, and disproportionately low-income, racial and ethnic minorities, and small business owners, most notably comercial truckers as a result of higher fuel costs.

42. NAACP Condemns the Islamaphobic, mean spirited, tasteless, and racially offensive July 21st 2008 New Yorker Magazine Cover
Resolved: That the NAACP decries the July 21st 2008 New Yorker magazine cover as tasteless, mean spirited, Islamaphobic, and racially offensive AND calls on every American who is similarly offended to contact the New Yorker magazine either by email at or by post at The Mail, the New Yorker, 4 Times Square, New York NY 10036.

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