Friday, June 13, 2008

The Kansas "Raise the Wage" campaign moves forward

Guest posted by Jake Lowen; Raise the Wage Coalition

Raise the Wagers:

Very exciting news!!! We have a RTW ordinance being considered this month before the Wyandotte County Commission and all signs point to a likely successful vote in the next month or so. A victory in Kansas City will be a watershed moment for the entire Raise the Wage campaign and make success in Wichita and Topeka much more likely.
Let me be clear: A win in Kansas City changes everything and eliminates many barriers to similar success in Wichita. We must now turn our attention to igniting the grassroots base and petition signers to contact city council people. We can raise the wage in Wichita. We have never been closer, but it will take your help to help us cross that finish line.
In order to capitalize on this momentum, it is extremely important that we have a good turnout at our next Wichita Raise the Wage meeting which is scheduled to take place next Tuesday, June 17th 6:30pm at the Wichita Labor Temple, 3219 W. Central.
Please join me on Tuesday night and help us make history. In addition to the meeting next Tuesday night, we also have a tabling/petition opportunity this Saturday at the Wichita Heart Walk. SPEEA will have a booth at the event and has generously offered to give us some table space for RTW. We would need a volunteer(s) there at about 8:00 am and would take approximately 2 hours.
Location: Cessna Stadium - WSU
1845 Fairmount Street Wichita, KS 67260
If you have not attended a meeting in a while, THIS IS THE TIME TO COME BACK. Remember, the Wage your Raise just might be your own!

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