Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Healthcare Nightmare

Back in November, my then 11 year-old Man Child (Isaiah Sharief) developed a sinus infection that spread to his ocular cavity. The infection quickly grew severe and caused his face to swell and his eye to protrude forward. Isaiah went to visit his Doctor and he was referred to the Hospital for further care. There we learned his infection if left untreated would eventually threaten his vision. Isaiah spent Thanksgiving and the following 3 days in Westley hospital... After much prayer, and several IV bags of anti-biotics and saline, Isaiah's infection was brought under control.

Yesterday, I opened a letter from my Insurance Company... They covered a mere $2,000.00 of his medical costs, and passed a $15,000.00 bill on to us. Furthermore, I noticed that they had penalized us $1,000.00 for Isaiah going to a doctor that was not in the 'network'! So the net payment from my insurance company was just a little over a grand...

I could understand them penalizing us if they then payed the claim; but to penalize us and still not pay the claim is incredible!!!

I'm posting this here because I am an activist to my core. I will chronicle our efforts to deal with this crisis in the hopes that perhaps we can create a virtual roadmap for others who find themselves faced with similar Healthcare Nightmares.

Do you have any similar stories, comments, or suggestions?

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Renee March 25, 2008 at 4:58 PM  

Kevin, I sympathize with your plight. I have heard these horror stories over and over again. I would suggest that you complain about the bill to your insurance company. It doesn't even make sense that you would have to pay the bigger portion. I don't know who your insurance company is, but when I was ill a couple of years ago and had to spend 10 days in the hospital, my total bill came to a little over $38,000.00 and all I had to pay was $200.00 (God is good). Now this may have been because I had some other medical issues and a prior hospitalization before the "big" one so I had already met my deductible however, I still feel that if I hadn't met my deductible my bill would not have been the "bigger portion." This is something that you should also call the Insurance Commissioner about. She is there to help the consumer with these types of issues.

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