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Race & the Rabbit Hole: The remarkable confluence of Racism and Rationalism

I read an article today in the Kansas City Star Newspaper by columnist Lewis Diuguid. The Article was entitled "For people of color, racism's wounds remain raw"

The article touched upon a number of racial incidents that occurred in Kansas City Missouri over the past year and how those incidents have angered and or affected the city's minority communities. Namely he talked about the Mayor's wife referring to a city employee as "mammy", the city's firing of it's first African American City manager, the schools superintendent allegedly referring to a couple of African American school board members using the B-word, and the much publicized flap over the Mayors appointment of Frances Semler, a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, to the city park board.

The article in and of itself was unremarkable; it noted the incidents, elucidated their racial overtones, and spoke to the need for an appreciation for diversity and for racial healing.

What WAS quite remarkable, were the blog reactions to the story. It is anything but surprising that the responses were empassioned and polarized (we discussed this in an earlier post: cards and copouts). What was surprising is that so many of the respondents displayed a very overt vehement and caustic racism disguised as a passionate protest against "race-ism".
In attempting to debunk Mr. Diuguid's premise, many openly displayed the very types of racist attitudes that we need so desperately to overcome. Yet incredibly, none seemed to perceive the racism and bigotry so prominently displayed within their own writings. Rationalisation often outstrips and obfuscates reason, so the writers readily offered their hatreds and biases as though they were merely observations...

I could describe the posts all day and yet never do them justice, so I will post a selection of the responses here for your perusal:

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You say some fault lies with "white" police officers. Apparently you haven't lived in this country long enough to realize that most violent crimes committed in the United States are by "african-americans", although they are a minority in this country. Now do you see why the police have to be on guard at all times? One innocent black man gets pulled over and it hurts his feelings.

Let's just get to the crux of all this- if you and your fellow "african-americans" would quit committing most of the crimes in our city, then maybe the police would let up. Why would they do that now and just lie in wait until another person has been killed by a black man? I would expect you of all people to be gratified that they are showing a presence.

It's all the white man's fault. We know. Blah blah blah.
Posted by: Quit killing

12/26/2007 10:47 AM
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When you view every single thing through the lens of racism then all you see is racism. the Semler issue was made a racist issue by racists. Suggesting that the Minutemen's stance against illegal immigration has "anti immigration undertones" is a classic example of lefty looie's racist lens. If #### was black and Cauthen were white Looie would have offered nary a peep. it would never have hit his racist responsive radar. This stuff gets so old that loies diatribes are as responsible for perpetuating racism and racist actions as anyone in the city.
Posted by: joco libertarian

12/26/2007 10:50 AM
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I noticed the picture with your article was of protesters, all who were black. Now, is it a black thing or a legitimate issue?

Sounds to me you want KCMO to be all black, all the time. Who will you blame when all are black?
You can have KCMO. It's a war zone of criminal activity run by minorities. I wouldn't live anywhere close to KCMO, because I fear for my life and well being. Who in their right mind would live in KCMO?
The Sprint center reminds me of a "diamond in a goat's ####." Until the black community cleans up it's act, no one in their right mind would live in KCMO. Good Luck KCMO.
Posted by: buddy

12/26/2007 1:14 PM
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Lewis the racist strikes again.
Since when is calling someone a b*tch or wanting someone fired racist? Well, when the "victim" is black, that's when. Apparently, diversity DOES NOT include the ability to disagree or argue with "people of color".
Shame on you, Lewis, for continuing to accept money from the Star for your "writing".
Posted by: Tired of racist bigots writing for the Star

12/26/2007 2:22 PM
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Are you f*cking kidding me, Diuguid? You really topped yourself and have reached an all-time LOW with this ridiculous, hypocritical column. Awwww, poor people of color....Whitey has been unkind to them again this year, huh?? Look, as long as Blacks and Hispanics continue to commit the Lion's share of the crime in KC, they DO NOT deserve the respect these loud-mouthed, race-baiting, so-called Minority leaders are always hollering about. That's not racist to say, it's simply the fact of the matter. As long as these animals can't live amongst decent, law-abiding folks, they will NEVER get the respect they so long for.

Good Lord, where do I start here?? The allegation's of the Mayor's wife calling someone "Mammy" is just that: an allegation. It hasn't been proven. Hell, Blacks refer to white's as "cracker" every night of the BET Network (National TV) and you don't see us up in arms. The MAMMY comment has never been proven and is probably an allegation made by someone wanting a piece of spotlight. That you report it as fact without one iota of actual proof shows what a myopic, dangerous, and stupid hack you really are. You also brought up Don Imus in this article, who has absolutely NOTHING to do with the problems in KC (caused mostly by people who look like YOU, Diuguid). That's just lazy writing, pal.

You also blame racism for KC losing the La Raza Convention and possibly the NAACP Convention. Let me see....La Raza promotes ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and the NAACP are more violent and racist than the Ku Klux Klan! Simply put, many in Kansas City DO NOT want these f*cking Conventions in our town no matter how much revenue this city stands to lose. Both groups are lead by foolish radicals trying to promote their race-baiting policies and I say F*ck them both! KC deserves better. Minorities never seem to ask what white people think about their policies and then when one does, he or she is automatically labelled a racist. Can't you see how self-defeating that is? When did this town become such a "chocolate" city (A Black man's term, not mine)?

You also defend an unethical, inefficient fool like Wayne Cauthen OVER our Mayor and you don't seem to get that many people in KC of all races cannot stand that f*cking fool and want to see him leave Kansas City as soon as possible. As far as your appraisal of school board members Helen Ragsdale and Marilyn Simmons being "strong black women", well, every lazy, underachieving black woman I have ever worked with, and I've worked with quite a few, call themselves "strong black women". What does that even MEAN?? Our School Board is at it's lowest ebb EVER and parents are moving to Independence and the suburbs to get away from our lousy schools and I have to ask, what is so g*odammn strong about that? These two women are incompetent and need to resign as soon as is humanly possible. These two foul witches should hope on their brooms and fly away and ruin somebody else's city.
Finally, the last two paragraphs of your column are some of the absolute worst sh*t you've ever dumped on our town. When you mention Kansas City leaders, why don't you just go ahead and say WHITE leaders, because we know that's what you mean, you f*cking creep? You also yammer on about Diversity, but it is always, ALWAYS, apparent that Blacks and Hispanic's definition of Diversity is a world where Minority projects get ALL of our Tax dollars. Diversity to minorities means that the only issues that should be addressed by city Government are MINORITY issues and if that's not the case, it's somehow deemed RACIST!? If you have Time Warner cable, check out the Community Channel (2) and see all this for yourself.

Look, Diuguid, you can take your charges of racism and shove them up your a$$, you f*cking half-wit! Whites in this City are sick of hearing it. Sick to f*cking death as it just isn't so. Why not write an article asking minorities to clean up their own neighborhoods and stop committing so much crime (where are the parents while their kids are committing drive-bys??)? You don't see suburban white kids getting rouded up and arrested. I live in the city and see crime in my neighborhood (Northeast KC) on a daily basis, committed by minorities. Period...Fact....end of story. You say that when it comes to race, "What occurred in 2007 merited public outrage." Well, Black leaders disrespecting and threatening our Mayor, who has done more for KC in his many years of service than any of these 'leaders' combined, is the REAL outrage and unfortunately, Diuguid, you just can't see that because you are so f*cking simple and will pull the Race card even when the race at fault is your own! Now choke on that, b*tch!
Posted by: Lewis Diuguid DOES NOT speak for most Kansas Citians!

12/26/2007 2:57 PM
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Americans must agree that there is indeed racial discrimination in this country, though practised undercover. I find it very disturbing that some Americans do not want to accept this reality and they overreact whenever the issue is raised in the media. Racial discrimination manifests itself in many forms; it involves verbal and biased handling of Black people by especially White police officers. These things are all over. Even if the White extremists feel that Diuguid is blowing racial hatred by highlighting the obvious, nothing will change the reality other than those in the White Community reevaluating their attitudes towards their Black counterparts.
The media in USA must be in the forefront of highlighting cases of this nature in order to help the society carry out self-evaluation with a view to building a United America. I would like to ask those bent on attacking Diuguid for his article the following questions; How come 90% of prisoners we have in the USA are Balcks and Hispanics? Are Black people and others of colour more inclined to crime? How come whenever an incident occurs involving a Black and White, chances are that 99% action will be against the Black if a White police officer is the one handling the issue? What else should be called racism? It is the Americans who should first that racism is a repugnant and primitive culture that should not have any place in our modern society as a basis of addressing this issue that clearly looks highly emotive. By the way, majority Americans are against this primitivity. But we have a number that feels that the Black man has no chance in life. And these are the people we want to change their attitudes and embrace their Black counterparts in order to avoid the Diuguids of today from writing what they write.
Posted by: Jackson

12/26/2007 4:27 PM
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Sorry Mr. Diuguid, I have zero respect for those who reflexively play the victim and race card.
Some bad things have happened to me in my life. I could've caved in and whined endlessly about my woes and hoped for others to have sympathy for me. I didn't. I rose above that. I have much respect others who do the same.
Posted by: Sammy

12/26/2007 5:54 PM
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Not only is Diuguid a black racist motha phucka so is the post deleting S C U M bag KC star coonies that can't read the phucking truth and live with it. I am sick and tired if #### and #### hos pitchin a bi-tch-in about the po po black folks. Maybe if you violent crime ridden mutha phukin felon ni-gg-as would grow up and act like adults instead of a bunch of tar baby crime loving bastards this world would be a better place. I said in an earlier post that was deleted by these A-S-S H-O_L-e KC star liberal ####-gahs that I've watched Kansas City descend into a ghetto pit in the last 40 years. Why N-I-G-G-E-R-S Thats phuckin why. There aint no group of white folks that destroys cities and communities with their neighborhoods. Ever hear of white-town? Ever hear of mexican-town? No? Me either. But I've damn sure heard of N-I-G-G-E-R town. Bunch of racist mutha phuckhin neighborhood destroyers. PHUCKH you g-o-d-d-a-m-n neighborhood ruining b-l-a-c-k b-a-s-t-a-r-d-s. Try driving down Paseo or Linwood after dark with your windows rolled down and doors unlocked. You'll end up dead, no matter what color you are. Do the same thing anywhere in Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, Overland Park or Leawood and no one will bother you at all. Why would that be???? PHUCKHING N-I-G-G-A-S that's why. ONLY A STUPID FOOL FROM HELL WOULD DENY THAT WHAT I JUST SAID IS THE TRUTH. JESUS, BLACKS CAN'T EVEN DRIVE DOWN TROOST AND BE SAFE. GET A CLUE YOU DUMB A-S-S GHETTO RATS. BLACK=CRIME. BLACK=RACISM. BLACK=HATE.
Posted by: IT'S THE TRUTH FOO!

12/26/2007 9:48 PM
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kamarisnana,  December 28, 2007 at 9:44 AM  

My God, I cannot believe some of the comments I just read. Every comment was laced with racism especially those by "It's The Truth Foo!". The words you used to describe black people are offensive and racist and you wonder why "we" react the way we do. As long as people from other races keep referring to us as Niggers and other derogatory names, we will continue to cry racism because that is exactly what it is. How would you like it if every time we referred to white people, we called them "honkey"?

I do agree that there is alot of crime being committed by Black people and it is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, however, black people are not the only ones committing crimes, they just get the harsher sentences that is why there is a larger population of blacks in prison than whites. The justice system is not equal and fair and that is why you see "just us" in the system.

I also have to disagree with "It's The Truth Foo!" when he/she said that people, even black people, cannot ride down Troost and Prospect without getting jacked - that is a bald face lie. And another lie you told was that there is no crime in Lee's Summit and Overland Park - bull! There is crime in every city in America and it is not all committed by black people. The majority of school shootings and female abductions and subsequent murders, have happened in affluent neighborhoods and they were done by non blacks.

I am a black female and I have driven down Troost and Prospect plenty of times in the summer with my windows down and did not get "jacked." Some not so smart people believe everything they read and hear so it's comments like yours, that keeps racism alive and well.

Some people need to really examine themselves and admit that racism is alive on both sides of the coin and quit "slammin'" people because they have a personal view about things.

--Bamboo Blitz-- December 28, 2007 at 12:58 PM  

The comments posted in response to that article really do reflect the deep undercurrent of structural racism in the States. In Canada, the case is all to similar with our Aboriginal population. As First Nations men and women are overrepresented in our penitentiaries, they have become the subjects of intense discrimination (ie. All Aboriginals are lazy drunks who commit all the crime in this country). By pursuing this bigoted reasoning, they seem to overlook the many systemic issues that have led to the breakdown of many First Nations communities--colonialism, residential schools, cultural assimilation...

Your post provides a really effective commentary on this issue!

Eddie G. Griffin December 28, 2007 at 2:27 PM  

This is the same type of feedback we get here in Fort Worth in reaction to columns written by Bob Ray Sanders, an African-American commentator. Whites cannot see their own reflection in the mirror. I've given up pointing racism out to them. All they are going to do is trying to put the shoe on the other foot. They never admit fault. Being white implies being perfect. This is why I exclude them from honest discussions. And remember, the editorial board chose the letters to reprint.

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