Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Wichita Branch receives two new complaints alleging excessive force by the WPD

On Friday, August 31st, the Wichita Branch received two new complaints alleging excessive force by officers of the Wichita Police Department. The complainants were both Mexican Americans who alledge they were the victims of excessive force and wrongful arrests. The first incident is alleged to have occured in late June and the second incident exactly two weeks later. Both incidents were said to have occured at 'America's Pub' after the bi-weekly 'Latin Night' activities.

Formal complaints have been filed with the Wichita Police Department's office of Professional Standards. Additionally, complaints will be filed with the US Attorney's Office, the Kansas City Office of the FBI, and the Department of Justice.

(The Branch currently has an excessive force case under review by the Department of Justice from an incident that occured in May of 2007.)

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