Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Topeka Branch NAACP hosts a free Youth Rap session with noted author and motivational speaker Les Brown

The Topeka Branch of the NAACP extends an invitation to you and your youth to join us for a “Rap Session” with World-Renowned Motivational Speaker, Les Brown on Saturday, October 13, 2007 at 3:30 pm. And then join us for our annual Freedom Fund Banquet at 6:00 pm, where Mr. Brown is the Keynote Speaker. The Rap Session and the Banquet will be held at the Ramada Inn Downtown, 620 SE 6th Ave., Topeka.

As a child Les Brown’s inattention to schoolwork, his restless energy, and the failure of his teachers to recognize his true potential resulted in him being mislabeled as a slow learner. The label and the stigma stayed with him, damaging self-esteem to such an extent that it took several years to overcome. Les has had no formal education beyond high school, but with persistence and determination he has initiated and continued a process of unending self-education, which has distinguished him as an authority on harnessing human potential. Les Brown's passion to learn and his hunger to realize greatness in himself and others helped him to achieve greatness. He rose from a hip-talkin’ morning DJ to broadcast manager; from community activist to community leader; from political commentator to three-term legislator; and from a banquet and nightclub emcee to premier keynote speaker.
The Rap Session is sponsored by Security Benefit and is FREE. If you would like to attend the banquet, the cost is $20.00 for Youth and $40.00 for adults. For your convenience, you will find enclosed a RSVP sheet to help expedite your reservation. PLEASE respond by October 1, 2007.

For additional information, please contact Renee Wiggins at 785-215-6282 or Glenda Overstreet at 785-354-0787.

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