Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Sedgwick County Commissioners agree to earmark $100,000.00 for new voting machines

Well, this was a victory of sorts... The request from the Sedgwick County Voter Coalition was for approximately $600,000.00 which I'll admit was a bit of a reach. The Commissioners did not vote to allocate the money or to purchase new equipment, but rather they agreed to hold back this money from the approved budget and they earmarked it for the purpose of purchasing voting machines. What needs to happen between now and the Presidential election cycle of '08 is we as Oganizations and coalition members must make a more compelling arguement to the Commissioners for the need. The data is there and the evidence and information support our request; between now an '08, we've just got to package and market the information in a way that is clear and undeniable...

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