Friday, August 10, 2007

Meeting with Kansas State Commissioner of Education Alexandra Posny

On August 9th, The Wichita Branch NAACP Education Committee met with State Commissioner of Education Alexandra Posny to discuss strategies for improving the Educational outcomes of African American and other minority students. The NAACP presented Commissioner Posny with a copy of the "4-Point plan to eliminate the Achievement Gap" which was developed by the Branch Education Committee in concert with the Wichita Alliance of Black School Educators, and the African American Council of Elders. Collectively, the group contained nearly 40 current and retired educators and administrators who meet consistantly for 2 years to draft the 8 page document.
The Education Committee was joined at the meeting by NAACP State President Charles Jean-Baptiste who along with Wichita President Kevin Myles pledged to assist the new Commissioner in attemping to increase community and parental involvement in the schools by means of community forums and seminars. A copy of the "4-point plan" is available on the Branch web site. (

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