Monday, August 20, 2007

KC Gas Station Violates the law banning the sale of Drug Paraphernalia

Since the passage of the passage and enactment of the Drug Paraphernalia bill this past July, we have been monitoring the shops and stores that were known to sell Drug Paraphernalia. Initially it seeed that the stores were all complying with the new statute, however, a visit to the KC Gas station (South Seneca, just south of the Kellogg/54 overpass) this morning tells a different story. The pipes are back; on the counter once more along with the ephedrine (a prinicpal ingredient in the manufacture of Methamphetamine) and the digital gram weight scales. This activity has been reported to the WPD, and we will keep you all informed about the outcome...

For the record, we know that the banning of the sale of Drug Paraphernalia will not stop or curb drug usage. We readily acknowledge that fact, but that is not what our campaign was about. The push to ban the sale of Drug Parahernalia was intended to protect our communities from three main threats.

1. The sale of Drug Paraphernalia in the form of Crack and Meth Pipes and digital gram scales invites and concentrates a criminal element into the few standing businesses within our communities. Our corner conveinience stores should not double as supply outlets for drug dealers and drug users.

2. The presence of drug paraphernalia on conveinience store counter displays (alongside the candy bars and bubble gum) exposes and desensitizes children to the drug culture. No 9 year old child should ever have to know what a crack or meth pipe looks like.

3. The presence of these items and elements within our communities lower our property values and contributes to blight.

There are a host of other peripheral issues triggered by these three elements, but we believe that eliminating the sale of these items (shutting down the drug-supply stores) will be a step in the right direction. We will remain vigilant and keep our eyes focused on the handful of shop owners who seem intent on maintaining profits at the expense of the community...

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