Wednesday, August 22, 2007

KC Gas station is in Violation of the Drug Paraphernalia law for a 2nd day in a row

I reported this to the Wichita Police Department yesterday, along with the physical location of the store, a description of the merchandise and the location of the items within the store. As yet the WPD has not acted on this complaint, so I will call in and report it again. I will continue to post on this issue daily until the Police take action.

Again for clarity; this effort is not some quixotic anti-drug campaign to save Drug users from themselves. We know and readily admit that eliminating the sale of drug paraphernalia will not end drug use. This effort is a part of our "Broken Windows" campaign, aimed at addressing the neglect and blight that negatively affect our quality of life. So this for us is not an Anti-Drug camapign, this is a pro-community/quality of life campaign. We know that allowing these sorts of practices to take place in certain stores and shops because they are in the "hood" only contributes to the deterioration of those neighborhoods. And to that we say "Enough"! We wrote the bill, State Representative and Branch Member Oletha Faust-Goodeau introduced it into the legislature, we did the follow-up legwork to get the legislation passed, and we will now hold the Police Departments feet to the fire to see that it is enforced.

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